NYMDA COVID-19 Research Project provides comprehensive guidance and resources for COVID-19 and other respiratory illness precautions, vaccination, treatment, and testing. If you are a medical professional in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or home health care setting in NYS, please refer to this page for resources, including clinical guidelines, evidence-based practices, and practical strategies.

Precautions & Isolation

Admission & Return (>24 Hours) of Residents to the Nursing Home

  • For decisions about room placement for new admissions, see Admission Room Placement.
  • If admitting a patient to a unit exposed to a case of COVID-19 in the prior 14 days, notify the prospective resident and the resident’s representative of the unit’s COVID-19 exposure.
  • Determine the resident’s COVID-19 vaccination status. Offer vaccination when appropriate.
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  • Patients should be tested for COVID-19:
    • Do not test people who had a positive COVID-19 result in the last 30 days.
    • People who have had a positive COVID-19 result in the last 90 days should be tested with a Point-of-Care Antigen test.
    • Series of THREE COVID-19 tests. While a PCR test is preferred, an Antigen test may be used.
      • FIRST COVID-19 PCR test on the day of admission or re-entry.
      • SECOND and THIRD COVID-19 PCR tests every other day after admission.
    • Testing is recommended regardless of vaccination status
    • People who decline COVID-19 testing should be placed on contact and droplet precautions for 10 days after admission


Combined Precautions Table for all Respiratory Infections

Addresses precautions for COVID-19, Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Parainfluenza, Human Metapneumovirus, Rhinovirus.


Suggested smart phrase for documenting RSV Shared Decision Making:

The resident/Health Care Proxy(HCP)/medical decision maker and I engaged in a shared decision-making conversation regarding the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccination. We discussed risk vs. benefit, RSV vaccine information/facts, clarified the resident’s treatment preferences, and I answered and reviewed all questions and concerns.

We agreed to the following vaccination treatment plan (specify either vaccination acceptance or declination), and the resident/HCP/medical decision maker signed the applicable consent form and acknowledgement of shared decision-making.


Swabbing Procedures

Youtube video of proper swabbing technique